Tend The Fire

Power Yoga

Tending the Fire refers to engaging with the fire we've built in a way that ensures it remains in a steady state; neither growing out of control nor diminishing. When we tend a fire we not only guage fuel and energy output but we ensure that it is being neither overwhelmed nor underwhlemed. 

We could theoretically build, rebuild, feed and modify just through Nutrition and Strength Training but we would be neglecting a significant aspect of the Balance. Constantly building refuses to pay gratitude for the efforts we've already put in. We would be neglecting the act of reading the flames and taking cues as to what we need in a given moment - more? or less?

Power Yoga tends to these flames through the control of breath as it relates to struggle and flow. It informs our lives an a way that not much else can. It becomes a moving meditation that challenges us to stay present and aware.

Practicing Yoga brings us to a quite place on the hearth of our own Fire where we can observe the quaity of our Fire or Life; it is here that we can modulate between doing more and doing less while finding satisfaction in that practice as well as prompt our other pursuits to a place of equinamity.