"During our training sessions Alison kept me mentally and physically focused, motivated and moving. When exercises didn't work for me, she modified them to ensure I got the best results possible, while maintaining a safe and proper technique." -- Bev S., Victoria, B.C.

"Sometimes, even though you’re highly motivated, it’s hard to know what to do to kick up your workout.  Professional gyms with all their complex equipment and cocky male users can be intimidating and overwhelming.  That’s where Alison’s “can do” attitude and upbeat personality came in.  

I wanted to get more out of my workout and she was able to quickly understand what I wanted and provided simple ideas to help me make my workouts more effective and interesting.  I have some problems using my hands and Alison was able to tailor my workout so that I could increase my upper body strength using tools that didn’t put stress on my hands and wrists.  I really appreciated her creativity and positive solutions regarding this. 

With anything in life you get what you pay for and Alison’s training is worth every penny – it’s your time and effort, after all. As I always say, “Never do anything for free” - make your workouts pay off using Alison’s expertise, delightful personality and enthusiasm." -- Deb T., Victoria, BC.  

"I just want to thank you for helping me. It completely changed my way of life!!" - Natasha P., Edmonton, AB.