Life In Poise

Balanced Health and Wellness

Find Your Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit - Build the Fire that will burn Bright and Strong.

Finding a balance can be challenging when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Boot-camp vs. Yoga? Resistance Training vs. Meditation? Vegan vs. Omnivore? IronMan vs. Couch Potato? Often this challenge ends with injury, lack luster results, boredom and 'square one.' 

Life In Poise looks to change that. After years of experience balancing my own extremes I have come to value BOTH ends of the spectrum as not only important but vital to lead us to the point of balanced empowerment. 

My approach to fitness and wellness involves helping you develop your own mix of Strength, Flexibility and Nourishment and have you feeling strong, centered, healthy and balanced; Poised.

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About Me

My overall training/teaching perspective sources directly from the concept of balance, Poise, if you will. And furthermore, that balance isn't a fixed point of perfection to be attained but rather a point that moves to and fro as challenges arise or ease enters. The metaphoric fire decribes this state of equilibrium perfectly and acts as a constant inspiration for me. Each pursuit becomes an act of building, fueling and tending. If built properly your fire will be a magnificent tool, if built incorrectly it will either fade away or sweep out of control.  

I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CanFitPro), Power Yoga Instructor (RYS200) and an avid student of Nutrition (Registered Holistic Nutrition, C.C.) With an extensive history in Strength Training, Power Yoga and years of studying Nutrition in many forms, I bring my clients a solid and realistic base to learn from, excitement for your journey and patience that can be applied to all levels of fitness. 

Building a strong and capable body is about more than perfection or having 'that pair of jeans' fit - it's about knowing that your body will perform when it needs to; when you need it to, with confidence, in 'that pair of jeans!' Achieving overall health is about so much more than clocking hours at the gym, eating Super Foods or getting your forhead to your shins - it's about finding the perfect recipe that not only BUILDS your own custom Fire but FEEDS it and then gracefully TENDS to it so that it may carry you through your fabulous life.

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