Personal Training

One on One Personal Training has been proven to make people 80% more likely to reach their goals. To have someone there for you so you don't allow your priorities to slip makes a HUGE difference in getting you where you want to be. Furthermore, knowing that your program is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses ensures that your gains will be safe and effective and therefore that much more likely to stick with you for the long term.

I train out of Catalyst, a Semi-Private Personal Training Studio so you know that you'll be getting totally focused workouts without the hassle of typical gyms. 

I can also train you in your own home, or what you call home if you're staying in a local Hotel for a duration. This is a fantastic option for those with small children, busy lives or both. Training at home can also increases your success rate if you are at the point where you know you need a change but are still very intimidated by "going live."


Life is complicated, we get distracted and off plan, but a time may come when we catch a glimpse of ourselves and hardly recognize what we see. I have experienced this myself and it is my inspiration for having the career that I do. It is a dreadful feeling of not being comfortable in your own skin and knowing there is the REAL you inside, hidden or trapped; frustrated. The feeling of being insulated from life and not knowing how to change it can be extremely daunting. 

Transformations, TRUE transformations, require a committed approach to assessing all aspects of your self, Inner and Outer, so that you can get to know the reasons for landing where you have. My approach, as you can see by my site, is one of balance attained through Strength, Nutrition and Flexibility. All three are related in my eyes and each does not exist without the other. Working with this in mind I will guide you to a place where you not only uncover who you knew to be inside but to a place where you can discover a new love and appreciatiation for all that you are. You will be able to approach life burning Stronger and Brighter than before. What a gift to yourself!

I work with anyone– men, women or teens looking to make a committed effort to change their life and engage with the process.

Power Yoga

I teach private Power Yoga sessions in your home as well as Group sessions. Group Sessions can be held anywhere that you have the space available and a group to participate. You don't need to be a rock star on the mat - I love making Power Yoga accessible first and foremost and working up to more vigorous flows as you build up your skills.

Nutrition Guidance

I don't subscribe to a complicated and fussy nutrition method. I have no "Secret Weapons" and don't think you need to do an about face to have a healthy nutritious diet that leaves you nourished and energized. You might need a second set of eyes and a push in the right direction but you should still have your favorites available to you. 

If you feel like you need a change in your diet but need to know where to start, this is a good place to do that. It is a personal hobby of mine to taste something "bad" and dive into the kitchen to make a nutritious alternative that ACTUALLY TASTES THE SAME. I love food and while I see the value in tools like Protein Powder etc., I know that there are so many other amazing foods out there which are so much more exciting and just as, if not more so, valuable. 

I do Kitchen Clean-outs, Grocery Store Re-Introductions, Meal Planning, Weight Loss Motivation/Support, Diet Overhauls and Tailoring diets to accomodate for various sensitivities, allergies, picky eaters and stubborn palates.

Group Training 

One on One training isn't always an option. If that's the case, Group Training might be your better bet. Working out with your friends or co-workers ads in a competitive element that often pushes you to hit your own personal bests, just to show off! Group Training also keeps you social and meeting new people or new sides of the same people. Not wanting to let down your team also keeps you that much more accountable. 

I coach sessions at 2 locations, Outdoors or, I am available to lead sessions anywhere you have the space and the people!

Online Support and Guidance 

For those that feel like they just need the support of someone on the sidelines, cheering you on or modifying your plan to stay accountable and motivated, this is for you. Support and Guidance can take on many forms ranging from weekly checkins to program building, and modification to simple encouragement. I'm hear to help you stay excited about your goals.