Build The Fire

Strength Training

 When we think of building up the body we usually think of building muscle; we think of toning up and leaning down, we think of iron and sweat. While these are not necessarily inaccurate details of the image, they are by no means the entire picture. 

Building the body is also about bolstering the immune system; developing the circulatory system; stoking the metabolism; increasing confidence and stamina; it's about stacking the foundation of the fire that will carry us through life ready for what gets thrown our way. 

Building the body is also a pursuit of a coordinated relationship between body and mind thru dedication and focus. We are creating something and thusly are required to nurture by default. Just showing up is also part of building the fire. We are building new healthy habits.

Strength training has been both vilified as brute and put on a pedestal but when you break it down into it's key purpose, strength training is about challenging your body to confront it's edge, encouraging it to grow and preparing it for graceful independence as we age.

Ready to Start Building?