Often our lives become a repeat of yesterday, last month, the previous season, yesteryear with minor shimmers and smudges that remind us that time is in fact moving forward.  It's these shimmers and smudges that coax us to linger in front of the mirror and assess. Whether it's a shimmer or smudge it causes us to recognize that something is different than we expected it to be and when the ether finally has our attention we can take stock and decide if we like what we see or if we don't. This can apply to fitness or it can apply to the other things in life that help us develop and grow. These moments are opportunities to make a change. These moments are the beginning of the un-forged path that is a change in perspective.

Changing yourself requires a new approach. Change is inherently uncharted territory and it requires you to become a whole host of things; an Electrician to change your wiring; an Engineer to redesign your structure; an Interior Designer to revamp the ambiance; a Garbage man to take out the trash etc etc. 
A favorite Quote of mine, one that always seems to push me right when I need it is,

"If you want something that you've never had, you must do what you have never done"

And it's TRUE. Our lives become habitual and what goes in, is exactly what comes out - if everyday looks something like autopilot, you will have the resulting life that autopilot begets - your arrival at the final destination with little to remember.

 Even if you have succeeded in the past only to resume the old tendencies and feel a bit like you're at square one, the quote applies. You KNOW you have it in you to achieve your goals but the thing you didn't do, the thing that you need to do NOW, is change your approach, your perspective, your foundation. You have to change your habits. 

 Change is hard, don't get me wrong. If you are doing it RIGHT, change is hard. It is hard because there are so many habits and set backs to address along the way. It's these habits that temp us back to the place of autopilot. When the going gets rough it's SO EASY to just sit down and ask if the effort is worth it. But keep on it and every day, if you just SHOW UP (even when you'd rather just sit down and wonder...) and make the commitment to keep the end goal in site you will succeed, not only in reaching your goal but in re-wiring your habits which means that this time (if there was a LAST time) your newly forged path is more stable and clearly defined; you've created a lasting change based on a true shift.